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Project Help and Ideas » No MCU game system

February 22, 2011
by Master_Programmer
Master_Programmer's Avatar

Okay, i want to make a game system, that uses NO CPU or MCU of any kind. I want it to be strictly logic only.

What i'm wanting to do, is have some way of "counting" up, and when the number reaches a certain value, i want an LED to turn on.

Basically, i don't know how to "Hold" a value for my (MCUless) game system.

February 22, 2011
by Master_Programmer
Master_Programmer's Avatar

Basically, i want something like that 7-bit DIP switch i have, only electricity toggles the switch

February 23, 2011
by SpaceGhost
SpaceGhost's Avatar

Have you considered something like a 4017 decade counter? This link gives a short description of that device, plus information about other 4000 series CMOS Logic ICs.


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