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Support Forum » font.h update3

June 16, 2009
by Farmerjoecoledge
Farmerjoecoledge's Avatar

Well good news, sort of. I got her loaded again finally man what a workout. Must have hit every error in the book. Anyway here's the video of what i got form the code. And no i didn't hack it. Straight form the site. Now the rest of it is not working either. i'm haveing some fun i'll tell you. So 2 day's later i found that netcat localhost 6666 is a linux command. Echo is listening. The proper windows command should be port com 3 but port is not recognized as a command. Say what? niether is com3. So python does not open, period. Nor is there time being displayed. Nor does produce a c font file. So my guess is that the python fontmaker and listener only work on linux, don't know been guessing my way through all of this. Excuse the profanity i forgot to turn off the audio. So if anyone wants to save me more aggrivation could u let me know what the sequence is to scroll or read the time or read from the web. I'm so close i can almost smell it but i'm plain out of guesses. Grant

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