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Customer Testimonials » A Great Learning Tool

January 30, 2011
by Twarter369
Twarter369's Avatar

When I ordered my kit I had very little experience with EE, and moderately advanced knowledge of Programming (but not in C). I had a specific project in mind (a pretty complex Serial Application), but I didn't know how to go about building it. Now, after less than two weeks, I have been able to begin building it simply by hacking together two of the tutorials!

I can't say that this should be the ONLY EE kit that you buy (it's still kind of small), but I can say it should be one of the FIRST ones you buy, for sure!

January 31, 2011
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi Twarter369,

Thanks for the kind words. We are certainly working hard on bringing exciting tutorials and kits to our line up so that one day we can be the only EE you buy =).


January 31, 2011
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Humberto, just having a bigger breadboard would eliminate most of the complaints about size?

The small breadboard gets crowded very quickly if you add two leds to say nothing about adding five or six.

Your tutorial and support are really great and much appreciated.

Of course a grab bag of components would be cool.


January 31, 2011
by Twarter369
Twarter369's Avatar

I agree on the breadboard. After completing the workbook I went and got more wire, a toggle switch (power on/off), a second SBB, and a servo.

February 02, 2011
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar

Sorry if i sound repetitive but,one of my only complaints with the nerdkits was definetly the bigger breadboard. Also it would be nice if more components could be included, like diodes, more caps, etc.. Also some of the more succesful kits sold in stores include simple sensors like photo cells. All these suggestions would make the nerdkit at the top

February 02, 2011
by Twarter369
Twarter369's Avatar

Well, more sensors means a bigger project book, more work, and at the end a higher cost. Just finding all the fun things you can do with the temp sensor and ADC should be good for most beginners. I think if I were to add anything I would add a photo-resistor and a servo. That would cover reactive input, and actuation. Whereas the current kit really only deal with linear input from one source. I would still buy this for a 10 year old before I would buy the slightly more expensive dev kit available from the shack!

February 03, 2011
by dgikuljot
dgikuljot's Avatar

Yeah but dont you guys agree on a big breadboard. In my opinion thats very important.

June 27, 2011
by ewooten
ewooten's Avatar

A bigger breadboard would be nice. I actually used an old RS breadboard I had and plugged the LCD display into it by using a salvaged pin header.

A bigger breadboard with a cable on the LCD that would plug into the that's the ticket.

February 06, 2012
by tpdcoyne
tpdcoyne's Avatar

I think extra stuff.... a grab bag, switches, bigger bread boards, etc. are kind of irrelevant..... all those things are readily available at the local electronics store and cost pence.

The REAL value of the NerdKit are the project ideas and the support. Where else can I (a very non technical person) get answers to some pretty basic questions from a couple of MIT graduates and a worldwide community of like minded people?

I live in England and ordered my NK on 19 December. I received it before Christmas. I have posted two or three questions on the forum and they where answered within an hour.

Brilliant customer service, BRILLIANT support... I hope these guys make millions.


February 07, 2012
by DR_Carl
DR_Carl's Avatar

Two business days! WOW! Neat little kit.I don't miss the soldering kit days. Once you make enough money off of this business or both of y'all should spend some time at U_PENN's "Wharton's School of Business"; that's in Philly? This kit is small, but should be enough to pique one's interest, to expand upon their own imaginations! Make your dreams a reality. Stop complaining about the size and learn to do with what you have. How else are you going to learn; especially if everything is given to you? Carpe diem!

March 02, 2012
by RevMoses
RevMoses's Avatar

perhaps create an expansion kit that would include bigger breadboard and more components. More components with the initial kit means bigger price up front and people may find other kits elsewhere if the price is too high. To me the initial kit is pretty good the way it is. People become interested with the super helpful support and are ready to try more things.

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