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Microcontroller Programming » Problem Uploading program to microcontroller

January 29, 2011
by Sam40
Sam40's Avatar

Any thoughts? I could really use the help on this one, I've tried everything i could to upload program but nothing works. Here are some pics, hopefully some one can help me out. Thank you.


January 30, 2011
by mongo
mongo's Avatar

Something I don't see is the contrast resistor to pin 3 of the LCD. The LCD would show two black bars in the programming mode. The program switch is in the program mode but there is no sign of power.

January 31, 2011
by rboggs10
rboggs10's Avatar

When this happened to me it was a weak 9 volt battery. Try changing the battery. That seems to be the problem most of the time when people come across this error.

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