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Microcontroller Programming » Programming an Atmega16L with AVRMacPack (AVRCrossPack)

January 20, 2011
by popwarsweet
popwarsweet's Avatar

Hi, I'm trying to program a development board I recently purchased using Macpack, the board has an Atmega16L on it. Unfortunately, I've been very unsuccessful. Anyone out there know enough about makefiles to possibly edit the one included in the nerdskit to be able to program this dev board? Or any other solution to programming this board using OS X, I really hate having to open up a virtual machine just to program this :( Any direct help or links would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

link to development board page:

January 20, 2011
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Is Macpack listed as a option? Have you tried just using Terminal (command line "make") or is that what you are saying?

A virtual machine might be your best bet. I use Parallels on my macMini works great.


January 25, 2011
by popwarsweet
popwarsweet's Avatar

After a little more research, my question seems a little silly. I'm trying to program the board using AVRDude, which is what is used to program the included Atmega168 in the nerdskit. I can't seem to edit the makefile in a way that is correct for the atmega16. I keep getting the error "Programmer is not responding"

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