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June 04, 2009
by mcai8sh4
mcai8sh4's Avatar

I've just read the latest news letter and felt the need to post a few comments.

Firstly, It's good to hear that the Nerdkits team are sharing the wealth and knowledge they have with the younger generations. It shows their love, passion and commitment to educating people on a fascinating subject - great work guys.

Dylan, you've given a true, honest review of the Nerdkit. Great job. I loved the additions you've made with the stand - I'm even working on one myself after seeing yours.

And to Wayward - a well deserved award - your posts are always educational, informative and interresting. As I mentioned earlier on IRC, I really should post more thanks to the people who share their little findings on this forum. Over time all the little bits sink in. So 'Thanks'.

As a community as a whole, it's nice to see everyone helping each other out.

But the project that's interessted me most has to be the FermentBot - hell it makes beer... and uses the concepts learnt with the kit to apply them to important real world life... beer

But mainly this post is to thank Humberto and Mike... you're doing a great job!

Thanks to all - I look forward to reading about all your projects and adventures,


June 05, 2009
by wayward
wayward's Avatar

Well guys,

I certainly didn't expect that! Thank you for the recognition. I would actually like to stand aside a little and shine the light on Dylan, who must be the youngest NerdKitten onboard, and is certainly the youngest C programmer I know :)

Big props from me to DonNYC with his awesometastic "real life paradigm" FermentBot. That's the kind of stuff we need, not some silly alarm clocks (echo "mplayer noise.mp3" | at 8am, anyway).

And mcai8sh4, for being such a great chap to hang around with on #NerdKits over at I owe you a pint if we ever bump into each other.

Last but not least, of course, Humberto & Mike (in no particular order); if it wasn't for you guys, I'd still imagine little elves carrying IP packets and the like through the interior of my laptop.

cat luck|grep best >,


June 05, 2009
by dylanjkj1997
dylanjkj1997's Avatar

Thanks guys! I saw the newsletter, I'm glad Nerdkits made one!

LOL I'm a proud Nerdkitten!

June 07, 2009
by lxowle
lxowle's Avatar

Congrats to Wayward - your answer to my question was terrific. More generally, I'm pleased that your many contributions have been recognised.

June 07, 2009
by dylanjkj1997
dylanjkj1997's Avatar

Yeah - thanks! If it weren't for Mcai8sh4 and Wayward, I would be clueless!

June 07, 2009
by DonNYC
DonNYC's Avatar

wayward you certainly deserved your award! I have learned a lot from your posts. Thank you.

I am working on a write up on my whole beer project but I am waiting until the beer is done before I post it.

For my next Nerdkit/beer project I am using the scale project to make a digital beer gauge to to show on the LCD how full my 2 kegs are in my kegerator. Just trying to keep the "Beer life paradigms" coming.

Thanks again to the whole community. You guys are great.

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