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Customer Testimonials » Got my Array LED kit....

December 27, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar

Bought the starter Nerdkit last year but only got to play with it till this month (a year later). loved it so much that I ordered a bunch of extra parts including the LED array kit. I had expected the kit to arrive in 3-4 weeks (shipped to Ontario Canada) and had expected 10-15 dollars in custom duty. I was quite surprised when the kit arrived in less than 2 weeks and WITHOUT any custom duty on it. Unfortunately, due to the holiday season I have family visiting and have been told NOT to open the kit until they leave (sigh)....

cant wait :)


December 27, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi nanaeem,

Glad your kit got there alright and quicker than you expected! The amount of time our packages spend in customs in different countries can be pretty random. I hope you enjoy the LED Array Kit. As always I look forward to reading about your progress on the forums.


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