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December 20, 2010
by vallo
vallo's Avatar

I am new to the Nerdkit and intermediate with electronics. I just got through the Nerdkit manual and am attempting my first project. I want to interface the nerdkit to an external US Robotics 56K modem to send some data to a remote pc. I am looking at using a using a Max232 between the Nerdkit and the modem. Am I on the right track?

December 20, 2010
by Keyster
Keyster's Avatar

Yes, that will work perfectly. i used the Max232 to get the NK to talk to a handheld GPS a while back and there was no problems.

here is a link to the project (with pictures):

Thread 823

Please note the LARGE caps were all i had laying around. Later i replaced them with much smaller caps and it still worked perfectly.

December 21, 2010
by vallo
vallo's Avatar

Thanks for the information. That is exactly what I was looking for. Now I might have to add a gps project to my list.

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