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Customer Testimonials » Saving heating costs with the nerd kit.

December 05, 2010
by webbge
webbge's Avatar

Day 1, all the examples worked great and I was pleased.

Day 2, try to figure out good ways to use the kit.

I live in a townhouse with neighbors on each side.

I used the kit to measure the temperature over time during heat load and heat off cycles using the thermostat in my house.

A python script recorded the time and temperature during these cycles. I would heat the house to around 70 degrees (I was comfortable with one layer of clothes) and turn off the heat.

The temperature in my house would rapidly drop until it reached around 64 degrees. At 64 it would level out, even though the temperature outside was only 35 degrees.

So now I know the equilibrium temperature of my house. With one extra layer of clothes, I can live with the 64 degrees. Especially if I know my neighbors are heating my home.

Thanks you guys, I love the kit. I use linux and found the experience to be painless and very enlightening.

December 05, 2010
by hevans
(NerdKits Staff)

hevans's Avatar

Hi webbge,

I'm glad you are enjoying your NerdKit. I hope to see more about your projects in the future!


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