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Project Help and Ideas » Parts Vendors in Canada

November 28, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar


As i get more and more addicted to my nerdkit I keep needing parts for my projects.

Most google results seem to be returning US-based vendors. I did find a couple in Canada: (1) digikey seems to have a canadian office (bypasses customs) (2)

Since I am new to this, I am hoping I am simply unaware of good, reliable (and hopefully cheap) Canadian vendors. Shops located in Toronto would be ideal (I could simply pick up supplies and save on the shipping).

Any suggestions? -N.

November 30, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar

Still wondering (wishing) someone would make my life easier and suggest some parts vendors in Canada (preferably Ontario).


November 30, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Hi nanaeem, I really hate to say this but have you Googled Ontario electronic parts?

There are as expected lots of parts houses in Ontario. Of course they might not sell to hobbiest but you will surely find a couple of suppliers. I get items from Canada delivered to the US (Long Island, NY) and freight charges are no more than if the item came from California so it seems you should have lots of mail order options. Of course it is fun to go and "browse" a electronics store but that usually leads to extra things being bought.

Good luck,


November 30, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar

Hi Ralph,

Yes I did run a few searches on Google. I had been hoping that someone might have dealt with particular dealers and would recommend or warn me about them. I think I am going to go ahead and order some parts from a dealer or two. Will post about my experience :)


February 27, 2011
by Ned
Ned's Avatar

Hi Nanaeem. If you live in Toronto, you might take a look at the Home Hardware on College Ave near Spadina. Yes, it's a traditional hardware store, but for some reason they also have a substantial electronic components department. Floor-to-ceiling walls of those tiny 2" plastic drawers. As far as I can tell, they stock pretty much everything that gets mentioned with any regularity in this forum.

February 28, 2011
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar

Hi Ned,

I live in Waterloo but TO is only an hour away :)

Thanks for the post. I am guessing since each Home Hardware is privately owned as a franchise they are allowed to keep whatever they want.

My next trip to Toronto I am definitely stopping.

Cheers -N.

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