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Project Help and Ideas » Need an alternate to using 4 independent push buttons...

November 28, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar


For my current project I need four buttons for user input. Two of the buttons will be dedicated to navigate a menu on the LCD (up and down). The other two buttons will be used to change values associated with the currently selected menu item.

However, I do not want to use push buttons (poor usability). Ideally I would like to use something like the four directional buttons on a Nintendo Gamepad. I am wondering if such a component is available which I could plug directly into the breadboard.

I thought of using a 2-axis joystick but that seems like an overkill. Also I guess a numeric keypad could be used (which would give me the additional flexibility of setting values). Again this seems overkill.

Any suggestions?

November 28, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

How about one of these.


It does left, right, up, down, with a straight down push to select.


November 28, 2010
by nanaeem
nanaeem's Avatar

Hi Rick, Thanks for the quick reply and the great link. This works for me :)

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