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Project Help and Ideas » LED Matrix Canvas

November 19, 2010
by jbremnant
jbremnant's Avatar

I had the initial prototype of this project working with Nerdkit on a breadboard. I then switched over to using Teensy 2.0 for 2 reasons 1) form factor of pre-fabricated board 2) native usb communication.

Thought other ppl might find it interesting.

my blog post

November 19, 2010
by Ralphxyz
Ralphxyz's Avatar

Very interesting, a very good blog also, thank you.

Where would I start to use the Nerdkit? Do You have your initial Nerdkit code?

Thanks again,


November 22, 2010
by jbremnant
jbremnant's Avatar

Hi Ralph

I'll dig around and post the initial Nerdkit code that controls these led matrix boards. Thanks for looking!

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