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Project Help and Ideas » DIY Laser Tag project

October 29, 2010
by banerjen
banerjen's Avatar

Dear all,

I am trying to make a DIY Laser Tag game for our upcoming fest in September, 2011 at our college because I believe it's going to attract a lot of crowd. I have decided to use the de facto IR LEDs for the guns and IR photodiodes for the sensors.

I am having some problems in deciding the communication method between the gun and the sensors. Basically, I have thought of using different frequencies for different guns and thus every sensor circuit will have different PLLs to determine which player hit it. The reason I have thought of using different PLLs for different guns is because there might be some instance where two guns will be shooting at one person and the chances are that the data bits might get erroneous and ... Well, just a thought.

Any ideas are more than welcome!

Also, there's this site called MILESTAG from where I borrowed a few ideas. If anyone is interested, there's a lot of good stuff at that site.

Regards, Nandan.

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