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Support Forum » Programming via AVR Studio possible?

May 29, 2009
by leSasch
leSasch's Avatar

Hi Guys,

is programming the nerdkit via AVR Studio possible? If yes, what do I have to set up? Programming my STK500 is no problem, but the nerdkit is not found.

Thanks Sascha

August 07, 2009
by Nerdful_com
Nerdful_com's Avatar

I believe you need a 6 pin header (not the included 4 pin serial/usb) called an ISP orgrammer to overwrite the firware/bootloader, this is a sperate area from where nerdkit allows our codes to go.

Search ebay for mega128 or an "AVR ISP" and you find a developer board that has it all.

August 06, 2010
by kle8309
kle8309's Avatar

Need help,

I have been trying to setup the foodloader,fuses, lockbits according the fuses_mike.txt for a new chip. However, when I try to read atmega168 (from NK w/ bootloader) the settings were off:

Nerdkits (fuses_mike): EFUSE = 0x00 HFUSE = 0xd5 LFUSE = 0xf7 LOCK = 0x2f

From avr studio 4 read: EFUSE = 0xf8 HFUSE = 0xd5 LFUSE = 0xf7 LOCK = 0xef

This may explain why I can't set the new chip according to "fuses_mike".

August 07, 2010
by Rick_S
Rick_S's Avatar

You'll have to do a chip erase 1st to reset the lock bits then you should be able to program the lock bits the way they need to be.

BTW, the fuse settings you presented are not the default of a new chip. Did you buy that chip with a bootloader (such as arduino) already installed??

Check out the Lock bit and Fuse settings of the datasheet and it will explain things a bit more as well as show you what the factory default lock bits/fuse settings are.


August 07, 2010
by kle8309
kle8309's Avatar

I will try that when I get home from work thanks rick

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